Thursday, 23 February 2017

Swinging in a Motorhome - Smashwords.

My new book "Swinging in a Motorhome" is now available on Smashwords.

This is the story of Jim a recently widowed 52 year old man who takes to the roads of Europe and receives an eye opening sexual education by the swingers he meets.

Jim is a 52 year old guy who lost his wife two years ago. After meeting a couple in his local he bought an American RV to travel Europe.
Discovering the unofficial sign swingers use, a red and green scarf or cloth, he got one for himself. This was the beginning of his sexual education by the people he met.
Chapters in this book are:
Chapter 1. Red and Green Scarf
Chapter 2. His first MMF threesome 
Chapter 3. Wife cuckolds her husband
Chapter 4. Young German Girl
Chapter 5. Twins
Chapter 6. A bit of bondage
Chapter 7. Orgy

Get your copy now by Clicking here

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